TechnocratXP @ UK Ltd

With post COVID restructuring now complete, DSW is poised to resume full operations in Q3 2022 in relationship and guidance with our UK partner company - Technocrat XP@ Ltd (UK).

Technocrat XP@ Ltd, is a successful Solutions and software development company based in UK that has had successes in products and revenue base across Europe. Technocrat XP@'s Global Growth strategy has been result oriented focussed on expansion in regions and countries of interest.

Technocrat XP@ Ltd (UK) made a significant investment in Netlibrary in 2019 and has formed a strong partnership with Netlibrary, the parent company of DSW inc.

DSW Inc., through new partnership with Technocrat XP@ Ltd (UK) now offers identity verification, Salesforce automation solutions, and more.

More details to be announced soon

Lifeline Home Responder

Building capacity for Home Response in Healthcare and Education.

The Current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the ability to deliver care, and there's an urgent need to support and empower family and friends of those who need care to facilitate last-mile support for online opportunities


Digital Publishers

DSW inc. Digital Publishers offers digital publishing of e-books,

courses and related services including digital marketing, chatbot & funnels development, support and training events online and IRL.

DSW DP services is targeted at entrepreneurs and small business who require affordable digital publishing avenues to produce viable digital product & services, and scale successfully.

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