What is the drum?

...before the first beat, before the first brush stroke, and first words on parchment?

There is a whole world awaiting discovery at the very place of inspirations, which unfold in authentic expressions

Discover . Share . Celebrate

The Drum Atlanta MET Center

The Drum is a community gathering space that offers creative programs and conversations in Art, Music, Media Entertainment and Technology conversations that enlighten, enrich and educate minds. The Drum inspires the expression and sharing of the authentic self through activity that nurture discovery, sharing and celebration of these unique expressions.

The Drum Seeks a new home!

Unfortunately, the Drum Atlanta may no longer be located at the Buford Highway location, and seeks a new home for its programs. We will ensure that the expectations of the artists, partners are met in our decision for a new location in 2020.

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Re-discover the Origins, and place of inspiration. Learn to distinguish and trust it - know it over again. Meet with mentors and others in the journey of the unfolding drum. The community helps to affirm your discovery of that place of Core inspiration. It is discovered when it is in mental retention - when you can visit this space or consciousness as required.


The drum is that through which you share your Core inspirations. It is that authentic masterpiece of art in music, film, books, innovation, technology. With Origin consciousness, we soon learn that sharing is beyond giving, as we are part of that which is given


the celebration or wide sharing of authentic inspiration or Core Potentiation is not a doing, but a powerful unfolding. The drum facilitates the necessary environment support the celebration of unique inspirations experienced in unique expressions.


Journey of the Drum

From the Origins to the Fields

Before the first beat, before the first brush stroke, and first words of on parchment, is a whole world awaiting discovery at the place of inspirations

Discover. Share Celebrate.



What do you believe?



Its golden!

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